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Antfi Server-Call Paging System

Best Solution For Communication with Kitchen – Antfi server call system is designed to be used in kitchen for chef to reach out to serving staff when their food is ready. Server call system is a kitchen paging devices allows you to easily manage and handle the server and food flow, thus creating a more inviting service atmosphere. This system helps you to be more productive, by reducing miscommunication between kitchen and serving staffs as well as preventing cold food serving.


  • UHF technology at 433.92MHz
  • Support 12 or 24 button panels
  • Durable & Sturdy enough for kitchen condition
  • Belt pager with beep, flash and vibrate alert
  • Coverage radius 500M open space
  • SMART charging eliminates over-charging
  • Out of range and duty alert features
  • Perfect for large area and multi levels


  • 12 or 24 button panel
  • Durable & sturdy enough to withstand industry conditions
  • Easy-to-install & mount
  • Duty Alert
  • 3 Distinct Vibration Alerts
  • All page
  • Tri-Colour on Server
  • Cancel panel; enables the chef to page to cancel